Kaizen approach and quality in all aspects

Two terms play a key role in our philosophy and corporate culture: the Kaizen approach and quality in all aspects. By filling these two terms with life and by actively living them, we were able to establish our current position as a globally operating full-service translation provider based in Osnabrück.


Kaizen The term ‘Kaizen’ has its origins in the Japanese culture and language and is composed of the two words Kai (“change”) and Zen (“for the better”). According to this interpretation, Kaizen essentially describes what is known in Western management theory as a continual improvement process (CIP).

The Kaizen principle strives for achieving continual improvement on a daily basis. “Kaizen” does not describe a concrete management method, but rather a mentality and way of thinking that is borne and lived by the management and by the employees of a company.

Qualität The quality of a translation is not only measured by its eloquence and stylistic accuracy. In the technical field, the formal correctness of values or units is at least equally important. For example, the simultaneous use of both metric and Anglo-American units of measure cost NASA 125 million Dollars. In 1999, this mix-up resulted in the loss of the space probe Mars Climate Orbiter. In addition, only an unequivocal rendition of a text can achieve the desired user satisfaction and, as a result of this, customer loyalty. This aspect is relevant, for example, when it comes to translating and localising repair manuals.

With the help of software tools that were developed in-house, Wietzke Consulting has established a leading position among technical translation and product localisation providers under quality aspects. Our in-house QM tools check specifications and offer our employees support in time-consuming formal reviews of translations.