We find the right tone for your audio productions in every language

The Osnabrück-based localisation and translation specialist Wietzke Consulting finds the right tone for your technical documentation, training documents or displays in every language. The additional audio dimension is sure to move your target group even more profoundly, better inform them and convince them more strongly in the long term than conventional, written media ever can – and it will also make your contents accessible to everyone.

Audio production for every budget

As a budget solution we will gladly produce a computer voice in the languages of your choice. However, should you prefer a human speaker to convey your messages, we are certain that you will find the right voice in our international pool of vocally trained native speakers.

Wietzke Consulting adds sound to your audio projects and prepares the recordings in the format you desire. Benefit from our considerable expertise in the preparation of audio e-learning contents and webinars and our audio productions of technical documentation and request a non-committal offer via our tender and order portal.