What can we do for you?

Do you plan to export goods and need translations of instruction manuals, documentation, sales and marketing documents, user interfaces, webinars or display screens in your target country’s language? Or are you based on a different continent and wish to sell your products in Europe? Perhaps you want to internationalise services and digital services as well?

Learn more about our range of services here or contact us directly.

Range of services

  • Localisation

    Localisation and full-service localisation from a single source. Wietzke Consulting provides all services that technical translations entail from a single source, allowing you to dedicate your time fully to the development and distribution of your innovative products.

  • Languages

    Wietzke Consulting translates technical contents into key, business-relevant languages of the world. Thanks to our language skills you can reach more than 3.3 billion native speakers worldwide ad hoc with our localisation services and technical translations.

  • Translations

    At Wietzke Consulting, translations are done exclusively by native specialised translators who, along with an unmistakable feel for linguistic nuances, have extensive technical know-how in their respective area of specialisation.

  • Documentation

    Wietzke Consulting translates and localises technical documentation for customers and documents for customer service.

  • Software localisation

    Precise software localisation for high user satisfaction - Wietzke Consulting translates your software into any language.

  • Displays and user interfaces

    Wietzke Consulting translates displays and user interfaces with process knowledge. We translate LCD displays, screens and touch screens into any language.

  • E-learning & webinars

    Wietzke Consulting translates e-learning contents and webinars for you perfectly and in line with your brand. We strive to uphold the quality of translations of digital training media to the highest standards.

  • Audio production

    Audio production for every budget. The Osnabrück-based localisation and translation specialist Wietzke Consulting produces your audio content in any language.

  • Sales and marketing documents

    Wietzke Consulting from Osnabrück prepares sales and marketing documents that convey your message in a clear and authentic manner in any language.

  • Content management systems

    Wietzke Consulting will accompany you on your way to using a modern content management system to facilitate the administration and translation of technical documentation, service instructions, marketing documents and e-learning contents.

  • Authoring services

    You can also book the translators of Wietzke Consulting as authors and benefit from their wealth of experience in creating technical documentation and documents in multiple languages for international sales.