Precise software localisation to ensure user satisfaction

Wietzke Consulting has mastered the art of translating graphic user interfaces – a task that requires sound expert knowledge and precise work in light of the many different structures and typefaces that characterise the global linguistic diversity.

Our technical translators are trained in formally adapting and harmonising even the most different of typefaces of the languages we offer. Along with the usually clearly defined number of characters on displays and screens, at Wietzke Consulting we always keep an eye on the usability of the user interfaces across all languages and stay as close as possible to the semantics of your template.

Software localisation from a formal perspective

Thanks to our self-developed IT systems, we also have control over the numerous parameters and factors for successful software localisation. Not only do these systems allow database-supported translations, they also continuously check the formal correctness of all texts during the translation process. Our precision frees your resources for the quality check and indirectly increases the user’s satisfaction with the product.

Thanks to its extensive expertise, Wietzke Consulting from Osnabrück is your partner for the localisation of your software, the linguistic diversification of your app for a global audience and for your multilingual challenges of our digitalised world.

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