Key word: Industry 4.0

The disruptive effects of digitalisation you as an entrepreneur are confronted with are serious. Today, products and production are more closely linked, product cycles are becoming shorter and increasingly asynchronous. In other words: They change the way you have to work internally and how companies have to work with one another. As your service provider for technical translations we keep the pace and continue to flexibly and reliably accompany and support the international presentation of your product even in times where the world of tomorrow is dictating the pace of today.

Localisation processes in the age of industry 4.0

Along with the undisputed beneficial effects of the industry 4.0 technology, the next level of the digital revolution will require adjustments and changes to be made to the underlying value chain and business processes. More than ever before, the costs, resources and time frames of workflows have to be reviewed – a premise that naturally also applies to document handling within the scope of complex translation and localisation processes. Not least, the flexible preparation of compatible output formats for the individually defined publishing channels is becoming increasingly important.

The change from your classic documentation to flexible, cloud-based content management systems facilitates this requirement. We would be pleased to restructure your processes against the backdrop of the fourth industrial revolution and help you establish leaner, more effective and sustainable workflows.