Innovative instruments improve your localisation process

We started as a process optimiser and, based on this principle, we have developed a number of innovative instruments to accelerate and simplify your localisation process. Our tailor-made technical support at the customer interface and in the process itself distinguishes the services offered by Wietzke Consulting in the field of technical translations from the services of many other providers. To name some examples:

  • Web portal for tenders We offer you a lean tendering process without having to switch media. You can place your request for technical translation services in standards defined by you on our convenient tender and order portal (add link) at any time.
  • Web portal for proofreading Translations are often proofread by a specialist after completion. Because handling individual documents can be complicated and time-consuming for the customer, we provide an online check of translations in our in-house web portal, which helps saves time and resources.
  • Automated check In additional to the internationally varying syntax, for example of units of measure and numeric data, our translators also incorporate the customer’s specified spellings and notations into the translations. In doing so, they are supported by our self-developed software. It monitors compliance with all defined rules and standards in a fully automated and cost-saving manner.
  • Plug-in If you create documentation or e-learning contents yourself on a regular basis, you will be well aware of budgetary constraints and the need to limit the amount of words. Our plug-ins will help you to keep control of the defined text length and thus also of the costs.
  • Authoring templates Our easy and intuitive authoring templates noticeably improve the daily work routine of Documentation Officers, who are usually also the experts for the products and responsible for a number of other tasks at the same time. Documents can be created according to defined standards and without prior software training with the click of the mouse. Authors can place images and texts in no time, thus freeing up time to focus on their actual tasks.