Translation of displays and user interfaces with in-depth process knowledge

LCD displays, screens and touch screens are increasingly replacing buttons, knobs and levers as user interfaces in modern industrial robots and machines. While the correct translation of a switch function in itself could already prove difficult in the past, the practical translation of the display contents is even more challenging. After all, the translator not only has to accurately describe respective related operation with just one or very few words, he also has to take into account the available space – which is usually minimal – and the limited character width.

Specialised display translations

Not least, a user-friendly and consistent translation of display screens and user interfaces always requires in-depth process knowledge. For this reason, Wietzke Consulting allows only experienced native speakers to localise your user interfaces. They are also familiar with the final execution and are experienced in handling the partly exotic data formats used in industry. In addition, they make sure that the display screens of your installations and machines present the right content in the right form all over the globe.

With our wealth of experience in the field of technical translation services and localisation of user interfaces, at Wietzke Consulting we support your international sales success and make your machines fit for use on the global market.

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