Publish up-to-date documents with a Content Management System

Classic documents and files as a management and storage unit for contents are no longer compatible with the fast-paced and increasingly complex business world of today. In light of increasingly shorter product cycles and software-dominated products and processes, well-established workflows are more and more reaching the limits of feasibility and affordability.

Changing to professional content management beyond the limits of documents is the logical response to the advances in digitalisation. Instead of revising individual documents of different products one by one, in future you will update the respective content in the content management system. Your changes will appear immediately across all classes and departments, allowing you to publish up-to-date technical documentation, service manuals, marketing documents, e-learning contents and any other document as needed.

Content Management System – with a system!

However, changing to the exciting new world of content management calls for thorough preparation and reliable planning. Wietzke Consulting from Osnabrück will accompany you on your way to using a modern content management system and will implement the change process on schedule, on budget and so sustainably that subsequent improvements will not be required.

Take handling of contents in your company to a sustainable level. We would be happy to support you with our extensive expertise in content management and look forward to your message.