Documentation for customers and customer service

Wietzke Consulting translates and localises technical documentation for customers and documents for customer service. We translate the source material of your documentation into your target market’s language comprehensibly and with pinpoint accuracy – always in line with our high quality standard.

The quality of documentation can be judged by more than just one aspect. In addition to the quality of the text and language and the compliance with formal aspects, a number of additional assessment criteria apply.

  • Does the documentation increase customer satisfaction?
  • Would the customer recommend the product or personally return as a buyer based on his experience with the documentation?

You as a reader will surely be aware of the phenomenon that an instruction manual is only ever studied in great depth once the first major problem occurs. It is precisely at this point that the documentation has to meet its purpose in every translation and thus meet all of the expectations of users all over the globe.

In the worst case, the document is only of limited value for self-service, because it creates confusion, delays the initial setup or repair and because the customer is forced to consult the hotline. In addition to the damage to the company’s reputation, the customer also has additional service expenses.

High-quality translations of your documentation by the translation team at Wietzke Consulting help protect your company against these experiences. Localised documentation prepared by Wietzke Consulting will instead contribute to your company’s image, lower your service organisation’s workload and ensure long-lasting customer loyalty through quality.

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